SuperModel Habits That Will Change Your Life

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Supermodels have a number of habits that elegant women can incorporate into their daily lives to elevate themselves, here are my favorites:

1)Eat healthy-models have to stick to a strict diet in order to maintain their flawless bodies. It takes a lot of discipline which is something I personally need to work on. 

2)Top notch skin care– The worlds top models are making sure their skin is well taken care of. They wear SPF, they see the top dermatologists and estheticians, and their diet is rich in nutrients that promote healthy, glowing skin.

3)They know how to take a good photo.With literally everything on social media these days, I think it is important for everyone to learn their angles, their good side, and how to pose for a photo-because everything always ends up on the internet.

4)They have a few pairs of good sunglasses. Sunglasses prevent squinting and protect the face from the sun rays. Supermodels are always rocking a cute pair of sunglasses.

5)They have crazy fitness routines. I just recently started my own fitness routine and sticking to it is hard. These models are working with the best trainers and making sure they don’t miss their workouts. 

6)They wear light makeup and still look stunning. One thing I learned on America’s Next Top Model, is that most of the time, less is more. Especially when it comes to makeup. Models are great at looking flawless wearing very little makeup or none at all.

7)Smile– Models have beautiful smiles and always seem to be glowing. So when in doubt, jut smile.

8)Walk in heels. Models are always wearing heels and they are pros at walking in them. My tip is only wear heels that is comfortable for you. Anything painful or uncomfortable just isn’t going to be fun to walk in.

9)Wear lots of black, and basic clothes.As I said before, less is more and I am learning the value of living with less as I am slowly transitioning into my version of a minimalist lifestyle. Models wear very basic, classic, timeless outfits.

10) Signature scent. There is nothing wrong with smelling like an angel at all times. Make sure you have a signature scent at all times, even when travelling.

Although model life is very challenging and certainly not all of us are cut out for the job, we can take these little habits from supermodels and apply them to our daily life to help us present ourselves better and raise out self esteem

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