Kenya On The Spot After IMF Gives Kenya An Ultimatum To Disclose Covid-19 Millionaires Names


President Uhuru Kenyatta on spot as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has issued an ultimatum to the Kenyan government to disclose the names of the people who took part in the Kenya Medical Supplies Agency (KEMSA) covid-19 millionaires scandal.

Reports by the Standard Newspaper indicate that money lending organization has commended the efforts by the Kenyan government in fighting corruption and exposing the scandal but they are insisting that the real names of those involved must be disclosed in the public domain.

Reports further revealed that IMF demand is part of an agreement on Ksh 250 billion loans that are expected to be issued to Kenya to help boost the economy.

The cash is also supposed to help in fighting the fourth wave of Covid-19 that is causing damage in the nation currently as several people are dying from this wave and if the lost cash is recovered, it will assist in fighting the pandemic that has sent the entire world into a panic.

All eyes asset to see those who benefited from KEMSA covid-19 millionaires scandal that saw the government lose a lot of money when everyone was focused on fighting the pandemic.

Several health workers have lost their lives to covid-19 due to a lack of proper prevention equipment since the money that was allocated for the task was reportedly squandered by few individuals.


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