Some Strange Marriage Ceremonies In Ghana.


The customs of each country are different and always interesting for us to study. For example, customs in Africa. Africa’s distinctive beliefs, history and culture influence their rituals or traditions in carrying out various activities, including marriage.

1. The more Fat is Beautiful.

This Muslim country, which is the 11th largest country in Africa, has a strange tradition for brides. The thing is, the local community believes that big, fat women, are symbols of beauty, well-being, and high social status. So before marriage, the bride is forced to eat greasy and fatty foods, and drink a large bowl of camel milk or goat’s milk.

2. Compliment each other

In Somalia, marriages are celebrated for 7 consecutive days. In the first 4 days, the wedding will be celebrated at the bride’s house, while the remaining 3 days at the groom’s house. During those 7 days, there was 1 day called “Baraambur” or mutual praise between the bride and groom and the whole family. To be more intimate, when we praise each other also served traditional Somali food.

First Night Supervised

The Swahili have a somewhat ritual, Aladiners! You see, a newly married couple through matchmaking, will be overseen by “Somo” during the first night. Somo is acting as a teacher alias mentor, to ensure the happy couple do the first night well and correctly. Isn’t it embarrassing for someone to watch it

Women Must Prove That Still a Virgin!

In South Africa, there are Zulu people who have a tradition of eccentric marriage. At the peak of the wedding, the bride will do the dance with her ultimate move to kick her feet as high as possible. The movement was carried out to show the family and the bridegroom that he was still a virgin.