Just in; Bad News To Kenyans After New Worrying Details Emerge From The MOH About Covid Certificates

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Covid-19 vaccines are very effective and have been approved by the WHO. Millions of people have been vaccinated around the world. Furthermore, our country have received different types of vaccines such as Pfizer vaccines, AstraZeneca vaccines, Johnson and Johnson vaccines and others.

According to the source, worrying details about Covid-19 certificates have just emerged. According to NTV news, it has been reported that, Kenyans are being conned by some health officials as one certificate of Covid-19 from the Ministry of health is costing Ksh 1000. I quote some statement from the source, rogue MOH officials selling Covid-19 certificates.... Rogue Ministry Officials are charging for Covid-19 certificates, it has emerged, " some statement read from the source.

Some Kenyans have received these certificate after paying this amount of money. This is a huge blow to the country as many will get certificates without being vaccinated

As per the constitution, it is illegal to engaging in corruption activities. Sending money to health officials to get Covid-19 certificates is considered a crime and the victims may be arrested and even jailed.

So it is very important to avoid these behaviours and get Covid-19 jabs.

Furthermore, Cabinet secretary Fred Matiang'i should immediately arrest all the health officials who are risking lives of Kenyans.

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