How to use midnight bundle in the day 100% working(2021)


Midnight bundles as we all know begin to work from 12am and beyond. Some network operators tend to end the bundle at 4am and also 5am. This means the bundle also depends on your time zone and hence determining the time of starting and ending respectively.

In this article, we are going to learn how to use midnight bundles during the day and in turn help us to save money.So on your own part now, the only thing that you need to do is to follow this simple steps strictly to configure your Android devices without omitting any of the step and it will also work for you 100%. Let’s roll on now;

1.Pick your phone and search for your settings application.

2.Locate the time and date menu in the settings application you just launched on your phone.

3.Look out if your time zone is under automatic operation. If yes, turn it off. The time zone is responsible for detecting automatic time for midnight bundle operation.Turn off automatic date and time too since it also plays the same role as the automatic time zone.

4.Change your current time to any time you wish but should be 12am and over.

5.Turn on airplane mode.

6.Restart your device and you are good to go.

Make sure you have enough midnight bundle. There are different short codes for the various network operators in Ghana. Below are some short codes for purchasing midnight bundles:

MTN *170# or *138#

Airteltigo *110#

Vodafone *111#

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