See How To Design a Floor Plan For Your Building at No Cost


One of the most important documents you must have on ground before going ahead to start the building of your house is a floor plan and not just any type of floor plan but a well designed and self explanatory floor plan.

And as we all know that there are experts whose main focus is to help people to design their floor plan for a fee, otherwise known as Architects. These people went to school to study what they know and in turn charge people to offer their services.

But as technology is advancing everyday, it allows people to have access to information without having to be in the four walls of a classroom. You will all agree with me that building a house without a floor plan is like teaching a student without a curriculum. And in this post, I will be showing us how to learn the designing of floor plans by ourselves. So when you want to build your house, you can easily create one for yourself or even make it a source of income by creating for other people at a fee.

Now to do this, all you need is just one app. That’s right just one, so just go to your play store app and download an app known as FLOOR PLAN CREATOR which should look like the picture above.

Open the app after downloading it and click on the demo plan to see a ready-made example of a floor plan. One of the most interesting things about this app is that you can also view the floor plan in 3D mode by pressing the 3D button which gives you a clear overview of what the building will look like in real life. And the app is also an offline app, so you can spend much time to learn and also create your floor plan without worrying about exhausting your data plan.

All you need to do is to follow the tutorial guide, spend time to practice and get familiar with the app and then begin your journey to create floor plans like an expert.

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