9 Things You Should Know Before Talking To A Lady On The Road

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At first glance, I know that love exists and can happen anywhere, in class, in church, or even on the street. In any case, you should be able to approach the woman of your choice wherever your heart is misleading. With this in mind, I will show you some unique ways to approach a girl. You should use the following ten methods.

 1] Always remember to say "please" when meeting a normal woman on the street. It means you have a soft spot for women.

 2] Laugh and smile at the same time.

 When you make fun of a woman, she recognizes him as a person who makes her comfortable. A friendly smile is transmitted by a smile. If you approach a woman on the street, make sure you smile so that she does not fall.

 3] Do not use distracting or painful sounds when talking to her.

 It is not good to use strong music when approaching a girl for the first time. Making this mistake makes her feel confident, and they may not give you the attention you need. However, if he speaks to her calmly, lovingly, she is eager and wants to know more about you. This shows that you have finished your homework and have a good attitude.

 (4) Dress well.

 This is another important point to consider. Before approaching a woman, make sure that you dress modestly. This is because most women judge you according to your appearance.

 5. Do not try to take her hand inside. Do not try to communicate in detail on the first day so that she does not feel uncomfortable.

 [Picture on page 6] Do not talk about how attractive she is. Giving a new woman a wonderful name like an angel is not great.

 7] Keep a safe space between you and the other person. She wants you to show her the non-public area where we talk about things. Do not betray her.

 8. Focus on her beauty to make her feel loved.

 [Picture on page 9] Avoid turning your relationship into a question-and-answer session. Make it a little more interesting and appealing.

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