How Drug Abusers/Traffickers Are Punished In Different Countries

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Some people are condemned to prison or even death for drug trafficking and use in many nations, and this crime is not regarded lightly. Below, you can see how drug traffickers and users are punished in various countries.

1. Malaysia.

It is illegal to possess, use, distribute, or sell narcotics in Malaysia, and violating this law can result in death, life in prison, deportation, or even a fine.

2. China

Forced rehab for drug abusers and executions for drug-related offenses are common in China.

3. Vietnam

Vietnam does not play with drug users and traffickers; anyone found in possession of drugs would be put to death for their crime.

4. Iran

Iran is a bad country to be a drug trafficker or a drug addict because you might be fined or executed for it.

5. Thailand

While drug misuse and trafficking are punishable by death in this country, drug abusers are frequently sentenced to rehabilitation.

6. Dubai

Those found guilty of drug misuse in Dubai are sentenced to four years in prison. There is no way to avoid deportation despite failing a drug test.

7. Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, drug usage is strictly forbidden, and violators face the death penalty if convicted. Saudi Arabia forbids the consumption of any alcoholic beverages.

8. Singapore

If you're caught with even a modest amount of drugs in Singapore, you're going to die.

9. I donesia

A person found possessing marijuana in Indonesia faces a maximum punishment of 20 years in prison. If a person is convicted of selling narcotics, he or she could face the death penalty.


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