If A Woman Keeps Laughing At Your Jokes, This Is What It Means


As it turns out, a well-placed joke can do a lot more than your regular pimple when it comes to securing a date, especially when women are the audience.

The University of Kansas research team explained that after their study, women were more likely to be attracted to meeting men who made them laugh.

They say that when two people meet, there is definitely a relationship potential if the guy is funny. The more a woman laughs at his jokes, the more interested she is to see him again and the more likely she is to date him.

As part of their study, the researchers played matchmaker and had 51 pairs of single men and women spend alone time in a room chatting for about 10 minutes. They then asked them to fill out a questionnaire for their future partner.

They found that when the women in the study hooked up with men who were mildly funny, there was clear evidence of romantic attraction.

"Men may want to take off their pickups and polish their punches to attract women," the University of Kansas team recommends.

On the other hand, entertainment doesn't seem to make women any more attractive to men. For example, researchers say that when the men enrolled in the study were paired with a woman who was very funny, they did not show romantic interest only when they laughed.

"The more a man tries to be funny and the more a woman laughs at his jokes, the more likely he is to be romantically attracted. The opposite is not true for women who try to have a sense of humor."

The couples most likely to work romantically were those in which the man and woman laughed at their jokes, the researchers said.

University of Kansas researchers believe that humor is very important when starting a new relationship because having fun is an indicator of being sociable and good.

No one wants Scrooge by their side for the rest of their lives, so of course, fun and attraction somehow go hand in hand.

Experts continue to argue that despite everything, if there is a conscious strategy for future dating for them to be too aware that women's laughter is part of the advertisement and therefore jokes will be made, it can be assumed that men are too aware.

In other words, if he laughs at your jokes, he's more than likely feeling the natural organic chemistry between the two of you.

There is also a very good chance that he secretly wants to continue this relationship.

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