The Reducing Effect Of Immorality

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"For a man is led to a piece of bread by a whorish woman, and the adulteress will hunt for the valuable life." Proverbs 6:26

Immorality and wickedness in general degrade the quality of a person's life and destiny, much as impurity degrades the quality of gold. The lifestyle of immorality (iniquity in general) has been proven to be a fatal enemy of fate. Samson's downfall was due to his immorality. People like David and Solomon's lives were nearly wrecked by immorality. Immortality can destroy someone's destiny if care is not taking.

We learnt how a woman's worth might be reduced to a piece of cake when she links herself to a man in immoral behavior from today's scriptural reading. A sugar daddy who engages in immorality with a lady today will turn into a bitter daddy tomorrow. The quality of destiny is reduced to a slice of bread when immorality is present.

Today, you can see some lovely young females that are still in their early twenties. However, if they continue to live an immoral lifestyle, they will become corroded, frustrated, bruised, shattered, and scattered in a matter of years. Similarly, irresponsible immoral lifestyle can result in a young man clutching his hand to support his waist like an elderly man.

My advice is to avoid the immoral lifestyle at all costs. Refuse to fall into the immorality trap. Avoid any company or organization that may tempt you to engage in immoral behavior. In everything you do, keep your motives and intentions pure.

Thank you, Lord, for speaking to me today. Deliver me from all immoral traps and temptations. In Jesus' Name, I pray for the grace to live a life of purity and sanctity.

In Jesus' Name, victory over the tyranny of the flesh is delivered for you and your family.

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