Azziad Blasts Bitter Fan Who Accused Her Of Using Make-up To Boost Her Confidence

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Celebrated online sensation Azziad Nasenya yesterday got into an online exchange with a fan who reportedly threw shades at one of her posts. Apparently, Azziad had shared a video of her applying one of her favourite face lotions before the fan bitterly attacked her. In the post, Azziad stated that the lotion boosts her confidence; a statement that the fan used against her. According to the fan, it is only Make-up that boosts the Tiktoker's confidence.

"Ati boosts your confidence...the only to thing that boosts your confidence is make up." The fan fired.

In response to the fan, Azziad also jotted a counter blast as she expressed her pitty to the fan in question. According to Azziad, a bitter soul would not earn the fan any blessings and it was upon the Lord to give her peace.

"You know I've looked at you...and I felt pity for you. Let the lord give you peace. Your bitter soul won't earn you blessings." She stated.

Well, Azziad has occasionally suffered trolls from netizens with her worst being back in the year 2020. However, the NRG Radio presenter has always defied all the odds to remain outstanding in her work. What specific thing do you like about Azziad Nasenya? Share your reactions on the comment section.

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