Police and Military storm Agbogbloshie market as they move traders to Adjen kotoku


Agbogbloshie as we all know is a very busy place, it contains huge number of traders in the country. The Accra Metropolitan Assembly, planning to make "Accra work again" has decided to move the onion market women from Agbogbloshie to Adjen kotoku. This is a first and good step close to the development of Ghana and Accra. The onion sellers upon moving peacefully, left a mark behind. According to some traders the NPP office close to the market has been burnt down and this seems to be the very good reason the military and police is present at Agbogbloshie.

According to the police officer in charge of the operation speaking to Joy news, claimed that the market women were being attacked by some unknown men. So this was the reason why tear- gas were thrown at them, but also he claimed that the police and military presence is not there to harm the traders but to provide security for them. The traders upon moving to Adjen kotoku claims that the government should give them much more time, this is because they haven't built them a place in Adjen kotoku were they can sell.

Ghanaian's upon hearing this took to Joy news live and made some comments concerning the ongoing exercise. Most Ghanaian's seems to be highly in favour of the government, as they ask the government to continue making such great decisions and initiatives. Some are also criticizing about the use of the military in internet affair's. But the police and military seems to be having everything under control, because calmness is currently at the market. The demolition of Agbogbloshie is underway as we speak to you now, the military and the police are in a joined task force to make things right.

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