"Some Men Are Evil" See What This Woman Found On Her Husband's Phone


There's this saying husband and wife are one. What the man owns is the woman's own, and what the woman owns is the man's own. There are certain things that will make you not trust your partner when they break your trust. 

A woman seeks advice After she caught her husband stealing money from her bank account, she says her husband saved 4 of her last ATM card numbers. He uses it to withdraw money from her bank account without her knowledge. She said she always receives a debit alert from her bank. She went to the bank to find out why they always debit her. Furthermore, she was told someone was making use of her account.

 When she got home, she asked her husband, who admitted his crime. She warned him and threatened to get him arrested for a criminal act. She

seeks advice if she should change her ATM card or keep using it. She says it's hard for her to change her card. Furthermore, she uses it to receive her salary. Please advise this woman on what to do. 

Do you think the husband has the right to withdraw her money without her concept and, as a man, how will you react if your wife threatens to arrest you? Why is a man's money for everyone and a woman's money only for herself? As a man, would you marry such a woman?

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