I regret turning down Real Madrid – Roy Keane cries

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One of the most significant players in Manchester United's history is Roy Keane. 460 times were the Irishman's appearances for the Red Devils. The stuff of Old Trafford mythology.

The former United captain, though, has most recently garnered headlines because of a relation to another club that is among the top in Europe. Real Madrid being the case. Keane recently held a press conference to introduce his new book, "The Second Half," to the public. He shared a lot of fascinating information about his life.

The most famous tale he related concerned how, in 2005, he had the opportunity to play for Real Madrid but choose not to. I was reluctant to relocate to Spain. I made the choice because of my fear of the unknown. And I found justifications for it in my family, my language, and my education," said Keane.

After reflecting that "I should've valued Real's offer more" and that it may have been "another opportunity in life," Keane has now acknowledged that he regrets his choice, 17 years after making it. The former Ireland international ultimately made the choice to join Celtic because, at the time, "I felt it was the correct decision."

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