Inside A Bullet Proof Range Rover


Range rover is one of the luxurious cars in the world that anybody dream to own one. The car is some how expensive but some people own it because of its features one of it being a bullet proof car. Also range rovers are used by presidents during their official traveling in the country. Let's see how the range rover is made in away that no bullet can harm the passengers inside.

1.The range rover is based on the regular wheelbase autobiography and internationally appears identical to this viriant from outside to avoid drawing attention to itself and it's passengers. The sentinel features six piece armoured passenger cell mate of super ugh strength steel while the standard glass replaced by multi laminated amour privacy glass.

2.It has a 250kW 3.0 litre V8 supercharged petrol engine and a special calibrated 8-speed automatic transmission which sits under the bonnet of the range rover.

3.The range rover has a run flat tires which are fitted with special 20 inch split rim alloy wheels which allows the range rover to be driven even if it's tyres have deflated.

4.It has an emergency door escape situated behind the rear seats which allows it's passengers to exit if the doors are blocked by accident or attack.

5.The range rover comes with full features like under floor bonnet fire suppression system, a configurable siren system, emergency lights and external loudspeaker.

6.The car comes with a full driver training program to ensure they are familiar with all of the car's features and are capable handling it to maximum effect during all challenging times.