Main Aim of Competency Based Curriculum(CBC) All Parents And Teachers Should Know~Opinion

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We have heard of this Competency Based Curriculum(CBC) in news every time. I have seen many parents and teachers complain that is expensive.

Yes in my view, the key aim of CBC is to assist and identify the learners’ particular abilities and fostering them through appropriate instructions so that they prosper from their talents.

What do I mean? CBC is exceptionally distinct from other education systems like 8-4-4 and its antecedent, 7-4-2-3 because the two are examination oriented. These system also deduces that all children must pass exams to prosper in life.

Practically, CBC acknowledges that each child is blessed differently. It, therefore, seeks to encourage every child’s intellect in the expectation that eventually they will benefit from their God-given skills.

To cut the long story short, the syllabus in CBC focuses less on hypothetical teaching and more on imparting capacities that reflect what occurs in everyday life.

Therefore my dear parents and teachers you need to fully embrace it if at all you want our young generation to succeed in future.

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