Checkout Hot Photos Of The Plus-Size Model Who Is Causing Confusions With Her Heavy Endowment


The Americans have been more proactive in the world's entertainment industry for past years. They are taking most of the spaces in the industry as a lot of trailblazing plus-size models are dawning on Instagram. American plus-size models are very beautiful and curvaceous women who are amassing large number of audiences across the globe with their heavy endowment bringing a lot of attentions to them. Francie Maupin is another American plus-size model, who is causing a lot of bewilderment on the internet with her shapes.

Francie Maupin who is popularly known as Miss Diva Curves is an American plus-size model, an Instagram influencer and an entrepreneur. She is one of the major forces in the world's modeling industry who is gaining prominence over her hot photos which she has been displaying on the Instagram. Miss Diva Curves has a degree in psychology which she obtained from the University of Georgia. She created her own clothing line for full-figured women called The Diva Kurves Collection. Francie Maupin appeared in the music video of the Trinidad James song "Just A Lil Thick," featuring Lil Dicky and Mystikal. She is really causing a lot of confusions on the internet with her heavy endowment.

Checkout some stunning photos of Francie Maupin;

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