Remember The Jss1 Student Who Was Gifted A Brand New SUV By Her Boyfriend, They Have Broken Up


You all remember when a post on social media about secondary school lovers went viral, when the boyfriend of a Jss1 student gifted her a brand new car. However, the girl after some weeks have taken to social media to announce that she and her boyfriend have separated. 

Before the breakup, assured love to the young girl with a new SUV car as a birthday gift but it’s all a waste now because the same girl made a video crying because she and her guy have broken up. 

After this video was shared on Instagram by Our Talk Room, it got many users talking and expressing their thoughts. Some feel that all this was done just to get famous considering the class of the girl and how many days it took before the breakup. 

See how many people reacted: 

What do you think about this, were these children joking or this was really a real deal? Please don’t forget to like, share, comment and follow for more. 


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