Another Scary Prophecy By Popular Ghanaian Based Prophet To All Children Between 1 month - 13years


A Ghanaian based self aclaimed Prophet of God, Apostle Owusu Bright has revealed a scary Prophecy which he said in an audio what God has ordered him to tell the public.

In the audio the prophet of God revealed that many will lost their life especially from ages of one month babies to the ages of 13 years.

Speaking in the he also revealed that many wife will lose their husbands through road accident.

He made it known to the public that the only solution that God gave him through revelation is to order the public to join hand and fast Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.

According to the prophet the quotation that was given to him in the revelation is Psalm 83:1, whoever that want to do the fasting is to read the above quotation as a reference when praying.

"Don't walk around during the fasting just be inside your room," he added.

Finally, he send strong caution to those ladies out who uses their period for food to men should be very careful with what they are doing because God is very angry with them.

Listen to the audio below by clicking on the link