Chelsea Boss Joins Mansour Sheikh To Support Their Fans For UCL Final


The two boss from two English Premier League clubs that qualified for UCL final look for the way to support their fans to attend the final. Manchester city boss Mansour Sheikh confirmed yesterday that he will pay flight for his football club fans to attend the UEFA final ahead. Chelsea boss has not left behind. He has confirmed to do the same to his club's fans who have been supportive both in hard and good time. Abrahimovich will join his team with the fans across London to cheer up the club.

Abrahimovich confimed to support 6000 fans to attend the final clash on 29th in Portugal. This final requires the support of the fans to backup the players in the field by cheering them up. After sheikh direction to take up the responsibility to help his fans to attend the final which was moved fom Istanbul Turkey to Porto, Abrahimovich has identify this special offer to be applied to Chelsea fans as well.

Both the two sides will have 6000 spectators in the stadium following the directives from the government of UK following the current World pandemic. Manchester city are at this level of UCL final for the first time in history. Chelsea are in the final stage of UCL for the third time in history. Both the two club will be looking forward to appreciate their fans to accompany them for this final. Chelsea fans have the reason to join Manchester city fans in smiling after Abrahimovich decision to sponsor the flight for Chelsea fans.


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