Ghana health service accountant steals over Ghs500k in Tamale


A previous Accountant at the Buipe Polyclinic in the Central Gonja District of the Savannah Region, Mr. Osman Jamal-Deen who is accounted for to have fashioned marks and taken over GHC500,000 cedis from the record of the wellbeing office is expected to be charged under the steady gaze of court.Ghana Health Service Accountant 

The Ghana Health Service staff with staff number 749504 purportedly manufactured the mark of the Medical Superintendent of the office and gave NIB checks to the tune of GHC 580,288.17. 

It has additionally been set up that the speculate right now on police bail, neglected to store cash at the Tamale primary Branch of the National Investment Bank (NIB) where the record of the office is. has affirmed that he is set to show up under the watchful eye of a Tamale High Court on May 24, 2021 and temporarily accused of falsification and taking after arrangement o examinations revealed that he was at fault in the deceitful arrangements that kicked off somewhat more than two years. 

The Investigative Desk of that first broke the story has in quite a while ownership more than 50 NIB fashioned settles up with more than 100 which are likewise fused in a report by a board of trustees set up by the Regional Director of the Ghana Health Service. 

A presumptive worth of the various checks uncover a stunning measure of GHC336,599.17 taken from the Buipe Internally Generated Drug Account with the Tamale Main Branch of NIB. 

It would be reviewed that, a fortnight back revealed how the Medical Superintendent of the office identified the wrongdoing, announced it to the Regional Director and afterward got the suspect captured. 

The Ghana Health Service at that point set up a reality discovering board that inspected the troubled bookkeeper and validated discoveries; trailed by a disciplinary panel that was set to take him through disciplinary procedures. 

The Disciplinary Committee additionally managed its job and delivered a report in August 2020 a duplicate of which is in control of Be that as it may, both the reality discovering board of trustees report and the disciplinary advisory group reports were just on racks gathering dust per our checks as of not long ago. 

Examinations uncover that the speculate who has since been moved to the Regional Health Directorate has paid GHC 35,000.00 out of the GHC 580,288.17 he took through fashioned checks and the rest by undeposited reserves. 

In certain occurrences, there were even watches that were regarded with only one signature(his), then, the Medical Superintendent is the chief record holder. 

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