Jub-Jub Caught This Man cheating Red Handed But Mzansi Spotted

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Jub-Jub Caught This Man cheating Red Handed But Mzansi Spotted 


Bukelwa is in a love triangle between her family and her boyfriend. She wants to make sure he is not cheating on her before she brings him home.

It is always the audacity of the side chick... The bravery to start cursing and wanting to get violent. Especially even after the man admits he was using her. Jub Jub should just leave them beat each other up once.

Whoever is responsible for censoring offensive/foul words is doing a really sloppy job. This show exposes abusive women. Look how easy it is for them to hit this man. And this lady keeps saying "I'm gonna beat the shi* out of you" to the man. Who’s a side here? Both ladies are/ were girlfriends to the same man playing them. What makes the one “superior” to the other?

Not the side chick chilling in the car refusing to get out yhooo. Homegirl thought she was getting a free ride home. The side is very stubborn ..she doesn’t wanna leave jub jub’s bus since they ruin her fun. They should have taken the side chick and drop her somewhere, know she has to face the crowd alone.

Bukelwa had so much joy in saying "Awuzanga nathi phuma ke".

#Uyajola99 did Jub jub just say "yeka uba yinkwenkwe" kule Dyani? Yheses usile lomjita, uyayiqonda lento ayithethayo

Mtheto is getting rejected left and right and also catching slaps left and right. None of these huns want to leave with this old gentleman. They're both smacking him, and they both don't wanna leave with him. Shame 

The mouth is widely open, the hands stretches...Yah!! This girl is a fighter yerrr. It’s this man asking JubJub who he should choose for him. This is what happened when you are confused and does not know wht to say to two wife's. 

Jubjub is a bit rude to the people who write to the show! Very ugly to watch. Jub jub we really like your show. Please be nice to the people who write to you. They need your help try to be kind to them 

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