“We are happy to contribute and also crowdfund to pay the legal costs for them”- Dr. Theo Acheampong


The renowned Economist and Political Risk Analyst, Dr. Theo Acheampong, has added his voice to the repudiation of some students into Achimota Senior High School on the basis of wearing dreadlocks. 

According to Dr. Theo Acheampong, the best way to solve and prevent such issues from occurring is to seek legal address. This will clearly stipulate the standard a student needs to meet before he or she can be enrolled into our public schools. 

“Let's test the law. That's the only sure way of making generational progress on this school thing”, he said. 

He believes that Ghanaians have to change their mentality regarding the physical looks of pupils and focus on the intellectual capacity of them. 

“We need to break some of these 'colo mentality' as Fela will say if we're to move forward as a nation”, he said. 

However, he has pledged to support the legal fees of these students in order to seek justice and enhance our democratic development. 

“Some of us are happy to contribute and also crowdfund to pay the legal costs for the two Rastafari boys who are being refused admission into a taxpayer-funded secondary school because of their hair. The constitutional provisions seem clear the me on this”, he said. 

He wrote this on his Facebook page today. 

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