ROAD TO JUSTICE FOR NAMHLA: Boyfriend Major reportedly had this to say regarding the murder case

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As the road to justice for Namhla Mthwa continues , the controversial boyfriend and businessman, Major Bhekuzulu reportedly spoke for the first time since the case started trending in various social media platforms. Major reportedly denied being behind the killing of his girlfriend who was shot 9 times last month .No arrest has been made to date , leading to the fury of the members of the public. The police are reported to have shifted their attention to the 41 year old businessman after some disturbing WhatsApp conversations that were shared on Facebook revealed that Namhla could have been abused for years before her death in April.


The man believed to have been dating the late Namhla reportedly begged community members to let the police do their job and even vowed that he was not the one who killed her .He alleged that going after him would derail the progress of the case.He said he had done nothing wrong and that he was innocent.

There may not be evidence yet pinning him to the murder of his deceased girlfriend, but what was revealed in the WhatsApp conversations revealed a different picture. The WhatsApp conversations revealed fear , abuse and torture that Namhla went through. It is very disappointing that it took the outcry of the South Africans for the relevant authorities to take the case seriously. An appointment of a manager in the case was made recently following the various calls that were made on social media .

There may be other cases that are not yet solved as a result of complacency from the law enforcement agencies. The Police Minister Mr Bheki Cele needs to have a word with police regarding taking cases of Gender-based violence seriously.

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