If You Are Asked To Delete 2 Items From The List In The Photo, Which Ones Are You Going To Choose?


List of the 5 items under consideration.

If you are asked to delete 2 items from the list in the photo above, which ones are you going to choose?

Our lives are governed directly or indirectly by several other things. Most of such things which seem to government the paths we take, the decisions we make in life etc., are sometimes motivated by entertainment, pleasure, the sense of belonging, affection, and pleasure.

Among such activities we love to engage in include: drinking of alcohol, eating, working hard to earn money, making and keeping friends, listening to music etc.

Indeed, there is no doubt that everyone individual has a unique way of obtaining pleasure, entertainment etc. However, from the list of the 5 item most of us commonly do, if you are asked to take out 2 and leave 3, what are your choices going be?

You can as well write-down your choices in the comment section if you don't have any of your choices captured among the 5 items.

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