Umdeni: Mzansi is shocked by Maseko and his seven wives

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In the hit second season of Umdeni which airs on moja love Channel 157 has left many South Africans shocked and their Jaws dropped.

Being bisexual and having seven wives is the life of sangoma Maseko who has seven wives in his clan. The first two are women and the remaining five are gay men.

Many were shocked to see seventh wife Malwandle who was married to a sangoma who appeared and stared in season one.

That's not the only shocker.

Malwandle is joining her own blood brother in his polygamous marriage to Maseko.

Today's episode proved to be rather errotic as the seven wives were getting sexual with their husband, yes all of them.

The sixth gay wife said: "what I love the most about baba is his penis, nothing else."

Baby please hold me here says the first wife.

Unity is definitely not their best trait so was a seven way the best idea?

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