LoveyDovey157: Viewers react to the episode

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son of hers Is the Keke not also meant for the streets? The guy had sexual encounters with practically all of the girls who were staying in that place. They were clearly meant to be together.

Are you saying that Keke is going to brush his suitcase throughout the entire scene? Why can't he just act like he's doing something else, like putting his shoes on or something? 😩 poor Romeo😭😭😭 I was all for Lilanga and Romeo, but this lady needs a fuckboy like Keke. This lady isn't happy at all. I pray that Romeo finds true love. Lovey-dovey ought to have let Romeo go sooner, for the good of Romeo himself...

This woman is going to con him out of his money.

Keke is a mother of two and was engaged for seven years, which demonstrates that nothing in life can be taken for granted. Yhoo, are Keke and Nhlanhla fooling themselves and everyone else into thinking that the warning signs in their relationship are actually white? My daughter is so head over heels in love that she's a goner.

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