Entry of Hon ADEN DUALE in Garissa Gubernatorial Race is likely to Set a BattleGround for top Seat


Garissa County is headed by the first time governor H.E Ali Korane. Korane was elected on a Jubilee ticket and is likely to defend his seat to be the first governor in the region to serve a complete two terms as set by the 2010 Constitution. The succession race is likely to attract several other candidates who are aiming for the county top job.

One candidate who is likely to join the race is the current Mp for Garissa town and the fearless Hon Aden Duale. Duale is a second term Mp who was a strong supporter of the jubilee government. He also served as the majority leader in the parliament. His influences in the region might see him sail through to the governorship position.

The other likely candidate is the first governor of Garissa Hon Nathif Jama. Jama was a one time governor and his decision to recapture the county top seat might also render him a positive result. He unsuccessfully defends his position in the 2017 elections and his comeback might be a blow to the incumbent.

The other able candidate in the race is the Retired Military Officer Mr Bashir Haji who is the brother of Senator Yusuf Haji.Bashir might give the incumbent and other candidates a run for their money in the coming election due to his influence in the region and their family history.

This battleground state will only be visible once the IEBC announced the start of the general election campaigns. More other candidates might also join the race to succeed the incumbent.

Who is likely to win this race and what's the fate of the Vibrant Mp Hon Duale?

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