Kenyan Female Celebrities Who make Motherhood Adorable (Photos)


There is no greater joy like that of holding your little one in your arms after nine months of pregnancy despite of the challenges that you might have gone through during that period.

We have celebrities who have embraced their motherhood and through them we can see how beautiful it is to raise a child.

Today we are going to look at these celebrities as follows;

1. Tanasha Donna

She is a Kenyan musician and an entrepreneur who gave birth to a baby boy with Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz.

She loves her son Naasib junior and she is prepared to give him everything he desires.

2. Diana Marua

She is a mother of four children, two she sired with her husband Bahati, one adopted and another one from Her husband's previous relationship.

Looking at how this family operates you will notice that She is an awesome mother who values her children's happiness.

3. Size 8 Reborn

The gospel artist went through a lot during her both pregnancies but the joy that her two children bring to her life cannot be compared to anything.

4. Wahu Kagwi

Wahu and Nameless are one of the couple that has stood the test of time and they are blessed with two beautiful daughters.

Who is your favorite?

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