Orengo's Abscence In National Politics Opens Up On Tough Times In Siaya As Gumbo Tops Polls

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Orengo's abscence in the National scene this political season opens up into what might be tough and unfavorable times for him back in Siaya County.James Orengo has always been a mainstay in Raila's National Campaigns but this time round, he seems to have taken a back seat and left some young guns to steer Raila.These include Junet Mohammed and the likes of Sabina Chege, Kanini Kega.

In the latest polls, Orengo comes at position two as Nicolas Gumbo is placed as the leading candidate.Gumbo has 46.1% compared to Orengo's 44.7%.This is a cause for concern considering Orengo has always won continuously in Siaya without much campaigns.Even in the last election, Orengo won without having put many posters and even done campaigns.This time round, we say "Earth is hard"

Orengo's development track record is playing hars against him as hos opponents accuse him of being a good legislator and a very good lawyer but poor on development.His predecessor'a shortcomings im Siaya also has affected any ODM candidate. The narrative in Nyanza is that those elected on ODM dont deliver much . Maybe it is time to give candidate from other parties a chance.Tought times for "Ajimmy"

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