How Girls Really Want You To Approach Them

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There's no universal answer to this. There are plenty of women out there who simply do not want men to approach them. They could have extreme social anxiety, they could be prejudiced against men, they could be in a relationship and find other men too tempting, they could be in a hurry, or they could simply be annoyed because a dozen other guys have already approached her.

I'll make the following suggestions.

1. Don't get emotionally invested in your approach. Don't let immediate rejection be something that upsets you. It probably has nothing to do with you. Just be respectfully and walk away.

2. Don't have expectations. You find her cute, you're going over to talk to her to see if you have some chemistry and see if anything is interesting about her beyond her looks. Or, maybe you're just going over to be social and have fun. Don't talk to her to get in her p*nts. You don't know if you even want that yet. And if you do, you shouldn't. Raise your standards.

3. Be cheerful and energetic. When approaching a girl, you need to be happy and energetic. Let her feel your energy.

4. As you get to know her, if you find her attractive, don't be shy about that fact. One way or another she wants to know about that. For instance, you can say; "Hello you're pretty cool, want to trade numbers and get together tomorrow night?" Or, you can say; "Hello you're pretty cool, my friends and I were going to check out this other spot down the street, you want to come?".

5. Opening with a compliment associated with what inspired you to come to talk to her will usually be received well. For example; "You guys seem fun, can I join you?".

Try to put yourself in their position. How would you want someone you're not attracted to approach you? What about someone you do find attractive? How would you want someone to express s*xual interest in you? What if this person were larger and stronger than you? What would put you at ease? What you want isn't always going to be what the woman you're approaching wants, but thinking in this way can help.

Lastly, keep in mind that a lot of women do want you to approach them. Indeed, some do not, but don't forget the fact that some do. As long as you're open to rejection and it's not a big deal, you're in a good frame of mind, and you could make some women very happy because you approached them.

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