Design for world's tallest building cost $1.8million, Cathedral design cost $22million -Samson Anyeni

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The voice in the wilderness proclaims that the country is going through tough times and as such we must cut down unnecessary expenses and demand value for money. When the cost of projects is inflated to make extra money, then the masses who are at the receiving end will surely speak up. 

Strangely, the construction of the National Cathedral remains the talk of the town as many Ghanaians still can't believe why the leaders have decided to prioritize a project while the majority of the people are going through hardship. What is most shocking is the amount of money invested into a project which was a personal pledge of someone to his God.

Ironically, it seems Ghanaians don’t have a problem with it, nothing urgently and seriously is being done, and all dissenting voices are quiet and watching as though they have given their approval for such an unacceptable project to be undertaken.

Samson Lardy Anyenini, the morning show host of news files and a renowned journalist of multimedia has shared his opinion on the topic of discussion. Although media men are supposed to be neutral in the presentation of the news, the gentleman has stated his position on the building of the cathedral. From all indications, it seems he couldn't wrap his head around the cost of design and other issues.

He posited emphatically that the price of the architectural design of the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, twice as tall as the empire state building and two times as tall as the Eiffel Tower cost $1.8million whereas Ghana's National Cathedral design cost $22 million. This has provoked him to join the occupy Ghana demonstration and he is going to search for his red outfit which was used in previous years.

In conclusion, he demanded democratic accountability from those who have been voted into power.

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