Food Vendors 'Storm' Pokuase Interchange Barely A Week After It Was Launched


If we think like this we will never develop. 

Do you think in Europe and the US, citizens are Law-abiding? No Sir!

Humans are humans everywhere; it is laws and CONSTANT ENFORCEMENT of the laws that set them apart from us. These same women with foolish attitudes as you say will behave when they get to Europe or America.

We like all talk good! Authorities must enforce the laws AT ALL TIMES. 

I was expecting traders to do, so should have the assemblies: tell them to enforce the laws. The women have done nothing. Don’t go there to do anything according to critics.

For some time now there has an edge in social activism calling for the country to be fixed. The agitations on why have been many but key among them are the poor infrastructure, to say the least.

But the government is working very hard to show proved to Ghanaians it can fix some problems.

Just last week in a popular function amid fanfare, President Nana Akuffo Addo liftoff what was touted as the biggest interchange in West Africa.

But barely in less than a week, traders selling foodstuffs have taken over a section of the pedestrian walkway of the Interchange.

To add salt to injury, the interchange is also serving as a hotbed for unauthorized parking and crossing by both vehicular trucks and passengers reports say.

That means while passengers refused the use of the footbridge trotro drivers cross-over to meet them breaking traffic rules which are of consequences to lawful road users.