Tito Mboweni gets dragged for his haircut. Check the comments

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Tito Mboweni gets his haircut by his personal barber, and he is happy for the different look after a long time. But people from the comments were happy with his look because he did not look unique or the haircut he got did not make any difference. Tito Mboweni got his haircut for his engagement in the corporate office. When he gets there, he does want to look the part.


He is no longer in government and left the ANC for another opportunity that he has got. He was recently, in the past two months, advised for a picture he had shared with his tablet showing his work. He was advised because he could have leaked confidential information and it would have put his workplace in a threatening or crisis situation.


Some people are happy with the different look, but others are not. He did not share anything about his meal, and he does that all the time. He did not cut all his hair, but just got it lower than it had not been in a long time. More people are happy to have dragged the former minister of finance, and they will not miss the opportunity.


The only time he does not gets a lot of negative feedback is when he posts about Limpopo's beautiful nature. Most of the time, he is about Makgobakloof, and he loves that place a lot. It is his favourite around the Limpopo province. He loves Limpopo in general, and when he is taking some time off, he will be around the Limpopo province.

When you are happy with your look, that is important, and some people will have their own opinions about your haircut. It is the normality that you would expect to come from social media. Most of the time, it is about people being against the other person, while you were expecting a positive response.


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