See photos of Beautiful Maria Nepembe of Big Brother The chase.

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Remember Maria Nepembe of Big Brother season 8- the chase 2013? She was the the housemate dying for Nigerian rep Melvin who was dying for her Country mate Dillish.

She represented her Country Namibia alongside Country mate Dillish later who won the show. She was evicted on day 35.

Let's see how well life has been treating the Namibian star after leaving the show.

Maria Nepembe is currently 31years Old and still looking young and sexy.

She used to be really slim back then but look at her now; she's so thick. This can be attributed to her rigorous workouts.

She is still single and doesn't look like she is looking forward to settling down anytime soon. She seems to be living her best life.

She is currently a model, TV host and fitness guru (she has her own fitness show 'body with Maria).

She has her own clothing line RIA

She and Beverly Osu are close friends if not beasties. Beverly sometimes refer to her as her elder sister.

She reportedly adopted a baby girl and they seem to have a great bond! Kudos Maria!

She's still cute Af.

She starred in a movie alongside Alex Ekubo in 2018.

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