Midnight Prayer To Break Free From Witchcraft Detention


1. Isaiah 44: 25; O Lord drive to madness every witchcraft power that has a hand in this satanic detention of my life.

2. O Lord, let every evil knowledge my adversaries employed to detain my destiny become foolishness and be rendered useless now in Jesus the breakthrough name.

3. By fire and thunder, let all witchcraft powers from the family fighting against my freedom from their detention be destroyed now in Jesus name.

4. I decree and declare that my soul is escaped out of the snare, spell, enchantment, divination and manipulations of the avowed enemies now in Jesus mighty name.

5. Ancient of days, lift Your Hand and deliver and pull me out of every household prison of life in Jesus name.

6. Lord Jesus, preserve my soul from the detention of lust and fornication henceforth by Your blood.

Thank You Lord for the speedy answers you are sending my way in Jesus mighty name. Sing any worship song and begin to plead the blood of Jesus over your life.

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