Hushpuppi, His Expensive Lifestyle, And My Criticism

The story of Hushpuppi and his gang is a sad story of the consequence of unbridled appetite for opulence without commensurate legitimate means to support such lifestyle. He has become the current symbol of greed and wealth without work. That a gang of 11 criminals were able to defraud more than 1.9m people underscores how vulnerable the cyberspace is and how exposed everyone else is. 1.9m people. That's more than the population of countries like Lesotho, almost four times the population of Cape Verde and about ten times the population of Sao Tome and Principe. 11 thieves stealing from many nations, living in such a manner that anyone who has witnessed their lifestyle knows there's something wrong with these guys and their source of wealth, yet this madness lasted for years. We live in a world where wealth without work is becoming the order of the day while honestly and hard work are becoming old fashioned. Youths now choose role models among the greedy and irresponsible. Societies don't survive like this.

Reading this from the pages of newspaper seems mild, but the reality is that, many of those victims may not have survived the shock of losing their hard earned money to perfect strangers. Destinies have been shattered and future truncated by the actions of these thieves. Also, considering the modus operandi of such high level criminals, it is not possible that murder is not part of their game, either as revenge for betrayal or in effort to block trails. Criminals of this magnitude are walking danger. 

But beyond the Hushpuppi that we all now know, you will see other smaller Hushpuppi's whose only mitigation are opportunity and exposure. Within their little world, they do the same thing the international Hushpuppi does, albeit, in a smaller scale.

Your brother lives abroad, doing all manner of demeaning jobs, denying himself all forms of pleasure and taking insults from perfect strangers, all in an attempt to survive. Then saves some hard earned money and wires to you to buy him a piece of land, or build a house for him. Instead of doing as he says, you begin to spend your brother's money, earned through enormous self sacrifice, on multiple women, sleeping in cozy hotels he has not slept before, drinking the kind of wine he has never drunk before, all on his hard earned money. You are a family Hushpuppi.

Your community wants to embark on a project, but has the misfortune of entrusting responsibilities to you. Instead of carrying out the responsibility as judiciously as you can, you decide to 'play smart' on your people and divert the money to personal use, you are community Hushpuppi.

You are a public servant. You engage in all manner of fraudulent activities, from inflating contract sum to job racketeering. You betray public trust. You are public service Hushpuppi.

You work in a company. All you do is to 'do deal' with every opportunity you get. In your thinking, the company belongs to no one. It fell from the sky, as such, every opportunity offers you a chance for rent seeking. You are a corporate Hushpuppi.

 If you engage in any of these or other unhealthy practices not listed here, you need to change before you can qualify to judge Hushpuppi. No society survives with people like this.