Why You Should Never Chase Away House Geckos And Lizards


Most people to fear house geckos and lizards believing them to be harmful just like any other reptile. However, these animals are important in the house and garden and you should therefore avoid chasing them away or killing them.

These animals usually feed on dangerous insects such as spiders, flies, moths, mosquitoes, cockroaches, and wasps thus keeping you safe from these insects.

Contrary to the common myths, these reptiles are not venomous making them harmless to human beings. Although they can bite when provoked, these animals do not pose any risk of poisoning.

In the farm, these reptiles will aid in pest control improving on your production. If you happen to see them in your garden, this is a good indication that the garden is safe from toxic chemicals, majority of which these creatures are sensitive to. They also don't feed on you crops or fruits in the garden.

However, if not handled with care, they can transmit a bacteria known as salmonella which can lead to food poisoning. This can be avoided by washing hands after coming into contact with them.

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