Finding a Cheap Wedding Gown


Wedding dresses are very expensive. However, there are many choices you can make to get what you want and save money.

 Do you have a friend or family member who is a seamstress? Hire them and in return, they have the honor of showing their skills with your dress.

 If you buy a dress on the Internet, you will probably find beautiful dresses at reasonable prices. Before you decide to tailor your wedding dress, go to department stores and check out their sales and abandoned corners.  Sometimes department stores and bridal shops sell model and bridal gowns. When they do, you can buy a dress for a fraction of the original price and save a "ton" of money. Do not be shy. Ask the manager of the bridal shop when they plan to hold an end-of-season clearance sale. They need to make room for new designs. Another option is to buy a model dress that has been used for a fashion show or catwalk.

 If you still can't find that particular dress, consider a simple cape on the shelf. Or omit wedding announcements and auction sites on and off the web. You may be able to get a disposable cape or even a brand new one for cheap.

 To save even more, you can consider an evening gown" or a bridesmaid dress.