Frozen I and II. meet the actors behind every character and voice


Disney really contributed to some of us having happy childhood.from amazing production(series and movies) we put on repeat till the CD cracks.We are discussing one of their great productions ,considered to be one of their biggest successes in the box office, grossing 1.5 billion USD (frozen II)and 1.28 billion USD (frozen I). frozen franchise directed by jenifer lee and chris bucks is the second most successful ANIMATED movie in the box office .

Frozen II

Frozen II is the sequel to frozen (I) produced back in is (Frozen II)about the snow queen Elsa,who has a gift to build snow and ice .Elsa became disturb after hearing a strange voice call out to her,she realizes things are about to change and not necesarily in a good way.But the queen is keen ,and will stop at nothing to protect her kingdom ARENDELLE.

Some of the cast mantained their character from frozen I like:

* Idina Mendel (Elsa)

*Kristen bell (Anna)

*Josh Gad (Olaf)

*Jonathan Groff (Christoff)

Added cast include:

*Evan Rachel Wood (Iduna)

*Alfred Molina (Agnarr)

*Martha Plimpton (Yelena)

*sterling K. Brown (Lieutenant mattias)

*Jason Ritter (Ryder)

*Rachel matthew (Honeymaren)

*Jackson stein(Young Agnarr)

*Jeremy sisto (king Runeard)

Sound tracks from the movie include:

*All is found

*Somethings never change

*Into the unknown

*Lost in the woods

*show yourself

*the next right thing

Frozen I

Anna the princess takes on a trip with an ice hunter, Kristoff and Sven (his Reindeer),to find her sister Elsa

Cast include:

*Idina Mendel (Elsa)

*Kristen bell (Anna)

*Josh Gad (Olaf)

*Jonathan Groff (Christoff)

*Jenifer lee (Iduna)

*Maurice lamarche

the sound tracks include:

*let it go


*reindeers are better than people

*do you want to build a snowman

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