3 reasons why you should never build with a woman

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In this article, I will tell you the reasons why I believe that it is a bad idea to build with a woman. I believe that as a man you need to work on yourself alone before you can settle down. Most weak men believe that they need a woman to find a direction in their lives. You don't need any woman to lead you. You are the leader of your own life. You need to be able to build the life you want without any help from a woman. In that way, you will use hypergamy to your advantage.

1. She wants a man who is already established

Women are selfish by nature. She wants what's best for her. She can never put herself in a compromising situation. They all think for their survival. You think why do women love older men? It's because they are financially stable. That's the number one thing women want more than looks and confidence. She may say that she wants him because he is emotionally mature. Those are the lies. She can never just like you for your personality alone. She doesn't care about your struggle or what you did to get where you are. All she cares about is how she can benefit.

2. She will see you as equal

When you settle down too quickly, she won't submit to you. How can she when it is 50/50? You don't want to be equal with her. She has to move into your world. That's what makes you more dominant. That's what will make you feel like a man. That's when you know that you are better than her. This will give you all the power. This is the only way a woman can submit to you, by stepping into your world. Not starting from scratch together.

3. You will have more freedom

When you are self-made you will have the freedom to live your life on your terms. You will have the freedom to let her go when she no longer respect you. When you contribute 50/50 to everything you've signed away your freedom. The relationship won't last because it is not built healthily. She will not understand her role as a woman. Her role is to submit to you.

Now it's time to hear from you. What are other reasons you should never build with a woman? or which of the points I mentioned above you don't agree with? please leave a comment in the comments section below.

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