Kanini Kega's Message To Ruto Over Mt Kenya, Says The Region Wants More The Deputy President's Seat

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While Speaking at Inooro TV on Wednesday night, Kieni Member of Parliament has allegedly told the Deputy President William Ruto that promising Mt Kenya region the seat of the Deputy President is nit enough. According to the Kieni legislator, the region has had many Deputy President but has never developed fully.

"There will be a transition in Mt Kenya and we have been asking is, what will happen after uhuru's expected exit in 2022. In the history of the mountain Politics there's has never been a person who does not vie for the top seat and now that we don't have any all we are asking is who will address our Issues? We don't want a person to promise to us but someone who demonstrate with actions. One who has done that with love and actions. One who will promise us that if we give him 6 millions he will deliver to us. We will not wait to be brought a candidate and be told verbally that he will give us the seat of the Deputy President. We have had many Deputy President and three President from the region, therefore a person should not tell us that he has come to offer us the seat if the Deputy President," said Kanini Kega.

'The Deputy President William Ruto has visited my Kieni Constituency 12 times and the 13th one I was not there and we all know what went on. Everytime Ruto has been visiting my Constituency he used to tell me and I would hope him and things would go on smoothly," Continued the Kieni legislator.

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