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Hello lovely people of Ghana, please hit the follow button if you like this article so you get more of such articles. Today, I bring to you all latest and freshest Barcelona news from Catalonia.

Marc Overmars will put an end to his stage as the technical secretary of Ajax at the end of the season. His departure from the Dutch side could make him one of the protagonists facing the upcoming Presidency elections of FC Barcelona. [cat radio via sport]

Barcelona told Dembélé that when he notices discomfort, he should ask to be subbed off. Against Cádiz however, he noticed something in the 50th minute, but he continued. [cat radio]

The fact that there were four players (Ter Stegen, Piqué, De Jong and Lenget) who renewed their contracts before the salary reduction of the rest of the team wasn't appreciated by the rest of the players. One of the four was even called a traitor by his teammates. [cat radio]

Koeman opted for a theoretical 4-3-3 with Griezmann and Braithwaite at the ends. In that context he could test Konrad. In this scheme the role of the open ends is vital and Konrad, as a left winger, perhaps contributes something more than Braithwaite.

All the Barça first-team players dined together in one of the Ciutat Esportiva dining rooms after training on Monday with the purpose of congratulating each other on Christmas holidays and motivating each other with a view to getting back on track in Liga.

[MARCA] | Joan Laporta: "I'm strong and want to make Barça happy again." Laporta: "It seems that the banner has had its impact. Let me be clear, the banner is aimed at the Blaugrana people. There are many of them in Madrid and we need their votes."

Barca's presidential candidate (Joan Laporta's ) interview.

Laporta: "The Banner does have a point of irony, I won't deny that. I think the people of the rival team also want to see me again."

Laporta: "I have good memories at Bernabeu like 6-2. They are in the memory of FC Barcelona and mine too."Laporta: "Politics? Barcelona has a very important responsibility of Catalonia."

Laporta: "My image is remembered as celebrating victory and it is something I will continue to do. Not without working first."Laporta: "In 2015, I got a very good result for a candidate of non-recurring term, remember we just had won the treble. That was when I had start preparing for the 2021 elections."

Laporta: "We will do everything possible to make Messi stay, he has a beautiful history with the club. We will make a proposal that will not only be on money because Leo himself is not based only on that."

Laporta: "I am convinced that Messi is looking forward to a new President to make him a new proposal."

Laporta: "Leo knows what I will propose to him, I will fulfill, I have earned his credibility."

Laporta: "Mateu Alemany in my team? He is a great professional. I didn't rule him out."

Laporta: "I have not spoken to Bartomeu, but I did with Rosell due to his personal situation.'

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