Most Vague Picture For The Week: Describe What You See?


Many times, we come across funny and very interesting facts of life that we can't really figure out what they actually mean. This week has ended and I present to you a beautiful picture from social media that is actually trending. Please I don't mean to incite any insults from anybody here. Just describe the picture and leave.

I have come across this picture of the week and I see it to be very interesting. First of all, it cannot be judged by using first impression and secondly it seriously and inadvertently demand a second gaze.

Inside the picture is two persons. One person being a man and the other being a woman. Well, we can say that they are probably couples, inmates or intimate friends or youngsters in a fucking deep relationship having fun at a beach.

However, that's not the focus of this article. The main focus is how to figure out what their posture portrays. Which of them is naked? Is it the man who is or the woman? Or Infact is anyone of them naked at all? Figure out your observations and let's have some real cool fun together.

I am not trying to be too exaggerative neither am I coming up with any wired thoughts but the picture below is a very vague, ambiguous, confusing and all the related english you might want to use. You can't actually look at it and immediately figure out what it really is at first sight.

Yes, you might be very good at judging images at first sight but dear friend kindly take a very good look at this picture the second time and tell me what it actually is in the comments section down below. You are sure to see my remarks about your comment either immediately or a little bit later.

I want to repeat, I am not inciting anybody to use insulting words in the comments section down below. Just describe what you see and leave in peace.