English Premier League Players with more goals this Season.

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English Premier League league has many talented players who give their best to make sure that their teams win games severally and for them to compete for the Golden boot challenge as well. This makes this players to have that thirst to score more goals. The following is a list of English premier league players with more goals this season:

1.Mohammed Salah. He is the Liverpool football club Striker who seems to be reliable for scoring goals for the team. At this moment, Mohammed Salah has a total of five goals.

2. Jamie Richard Vardy. He is the Leicester City Football Club striker. He also has 5 goals.

3. Michael Antonio. He is the West Ham United Football Club striker. He also has a total of 5 goals.

Those three players are leading by having 5 goals each.

4. Bruno Fernandes. He is the Manchester United Football Club Midfielder. Despite of being a Midfielder, he strives to score goals. At this moment, he has 4 goals.

Today and tomorrow,many games will be played, the above players might score to add more goals for them to continue shining or they might not score. It keeps changing.

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