Clothing items to make your wardrobe look expensive.

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If you want to stand out from the crowd then you should find your own unique style and not follow the current trends not so much. If everyone is wearing zebra print, wear snake print to show how unique you are.

Here are some fashion items guaranteed to make your wardrobe pop out.

1. Solid red.

Wearing solid plain red makes you look elegant and sexy. Red is the colour of passion. One red item be it dress, blouse, jumpsuit or blazer is a necessity.

2. Silk scarf trend.

Yes, we do use silk scarfs as tools to lay our egdes, sometimes we wear them on our heads when we have bad hair days. But wearing is around your face like a hijab is very trendy. It gives you a very chique sophisticated look.

3. Two fabric dresses.

Like the dress below, there's a nude coloured fabric below the black coloured fabric. This is very in. Even if it's a pink coloured fabric below and a purple sheer fabric above, it's still a winner.

4. Lattern sleeved items.

Have you gone to retail shops lately? Every shop has lattern sleeved tops.

5. Solid white.

White is a classic colour that fits in everywhere. Crisp white clothes look clean, elegant and expensive.

6. Animal print.

In 2017 and 2018, leopard and cheetah prints were trending. In 2019 and 2020 it was snake skin. It's 2021 now and zebra prints are trending but snake prints is relevant every season. Wearing snake print makes you look too expensive.

7. Dazzling colours.

Beige, nude, blush pink and champagne are colours that are not worn by everyone at anytime. If you want to stand out then invest in these.

8. Bustiers or corsets.

Items from the Medivial times that are back with a bang. Pair these with jeans or skirts to make your outfit pop.

Which one of these items do you have or would like to have? Don't forget to follow, like and comment.

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