If You Can't Make Bank Transactions With Your MTN Line, This Is The Reason


Many Nigerians who want to make bank transactions with their phones have been denied access to their accounts due to the blockage of MTN telecommunication by the banks. It is common for Nigerians to use USSD code to make transactions such as buying airtime, making transfers, paying for NEPA and other bills etcetera. The full meaning of USSD is Unstructured Supplementary Service Data.

There is an ongoing fight between telecommunication companies and banks with regards to commission. The telecommunication companies want the commission improved and the arrears remitted while the banks feel it is outrageous. The banks have unanimously agreed to disconnect MTN from the service in protest of the telecom giant insistence to go by the charges. 

This fight between the giant companies will greatly affect customers even though they will also lose the voluminous commission. As I am writing this piece, the disconnection is still ongoing because I have different bank accounts which I still cannot transact using the USSD codes.

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