3 Things You Must Tell Your Kids Now or Regret Forever


Kids are so receptive and their minds take in anything fed to them especially by adults. You may be doing something innocently or saying something to your child oblivious of the longterm harm you may be causing to them.

As a parent, therefore, you must watch out every single word you utter to your kid as it may either shape or destroy their life for good. No one wants to see their kids go astray and therefore, always ensure that you say these three things to your child every time or you will regret it future when it shall be too late to rectify.

Respect others

Teach your kid every day to respect other people and let them understand its importance. Tell them to respect other kids, teachers and everyone else and remind them always that they can only be respected if they respect other people. When this virtue is instilled in a child at a tender age, they will retain it even when they are adults.

You are important

Noone might have ever told you that you are so important as you grew up but you must always tell that to your kid so that they grow up appreciating themselves. Telling them that they are important will not only boost their self-esteem but also help them understand their worth. The reason why some adults stoop too low is that they do not know their worth and probably no one ever told them that they are important.

Always work hard

You might have all the money to spoil your kid but you should never forget to remind them to work hard. Let them know that a good life does not come easy and that they must always work hard in everything they do in order to succeed in life.

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