I Blew It: This man spent R43000 on a woman and only bought himself a CAP

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I Blew It: This man spent R43000 on a woman and only bought himself a CAP

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Money gives you options. When you have money, people have no problem twirling for you because they know it'll benefit them.

We've seen this happen all the time on I Blew It. People change from normal-hood and dive into a world of being the main person in groups and squandering their money to gain popularity.

As always, their relationship pool gets wider, and people who claimed to be out of their league beg to be taken notice of. This is the case for a man whose story in 4 pictures is doing the rounds on social media.

According to the short story, this man met a woman while he was filthy monied. The woman said of her aspirations to own a car and fancy clothes and this man was only glad to be the provider. In the end, he bought her clothes worth R13K and a car worth R30K.

The crux of the story is that he only bought himself a CAP! A CAP! Why would he prioritize a woman over himself? He should have bought more things for himself because his body language in narrating the story suggests that he regrets himself and wishes he was wiser in spending his money.

Twitter also couldn't quite grasp how he spent so much on a lady and forgot all about himself. He must have really wanted to prove a point to her and ended up neglecting himself in the process. He may have thought he does not deserve her and opted to compensate her for her presence in his life. It's a weird theory but it happens.

Thoughts? Was he hypnotized or money was itching him?

Thank you for reading. Feel free to leave your comments in the comments section below and I'll engage!

Source: I Blew It on Mzansi Wethu 163

Source: https://twitter.com/sbulelomgqobozi/status/1499632024327491584?t=ZDDYlm39aDfMSSv1l4_aWQ&s=19

March 04, 2022.

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