Here Are 31 Beautiful Pictures Of Sundani From Muvhango

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Meet Sundani from Muvhango, all things considered, as Charlotte Mulaudzi.


Khangwelo Charlotte Mulaudzi is a South African entertainer, money manager and a certified market analyst. She is most popular for depicting Sundani Mukwevho on Muvhango. She is the mother of Mulalo Mukwevho's oldest child Thonifho. She has been connected to such countless men in the show. Leta take you back in the former times when Pfuluwani remained in the regal place of Azwindini.

Sundani who came to the imperial house to visit her sister wound up in Azwindini's grasp. The last time we Sundani showed up on our TV screens was the point at which she was Tendamudzimu's life partner . Sundani assumed the part of the dreadful young lady who grabbed her sister's better half. Sundani later dated Tenda Mudau who later connected with her for marriage.

Being Tenda's life partner she figured out that Dee was expecting Tenda's kid and that was an unpleasant reality for her to swallow. She also matters into her own hands by attempting to pay off Dee to dispose of the pregnancy and it finished in tears for her on their big day as Dee uncovered her and the wedding couldn't go on.

Taking to Instagram, Charlotte shared a video of herself strolling inside the carport testing her new machine. Charlotte has compensated her great work with another vehicle. What's more, when all the perspiration and destroys dry, feel free to compensate yourself excellent, you buckle down so you merit every one of the beneficial things that life brings to the table, she composed.

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